About Arts Education on Fire!

This site is meant to truly help you in your artistic goals. We understand that some things can not be taught through the internet, but A LOT of it can be. We are working to create Online Courses and many other resources. We are also not trying to reinvent the wheel, if there is a great resource for something that already exists, we will definitely share it! Our hope is to expand our music and theatre outreach. As the arts are being cut from schools, we are hoping to supplement some of that education. Ideally we would like to have an entire arts high school program over the next few years. Another reason for us doing this is that there are many areas in this country (and outside) where young people don’t have access to learn these skills. There may not be a good voice teacher in rural parts of the U.S. I hope those students find us!

David Jayden Anthony is an arts educator in Southern California. After teaching at the college and high school level for many years, David wanted to expand his sphere of influence so he accepted a job as the executive director of arts for a chain of arts high schools. Hiring and training all arts teachers, developing curriculum and overseeing all live performance were some of the many job responsibilities. This was a tremendous growth opportunity, however most days were behind a desk not having an impact on students lives. David is taking this opportunity to package up everything he has created in education over the past 14 years and trying to get it out to a larger audience.

For more information on David Jayden Anthony please click here to go to his website, or here for his composer portfolio.