Musical Theatre College Audition Coaching

Take the stress out of it, by knowing you are ready!

Finding The Right Schools

The research to figure this out is overwhelming. Let our system help you narrow down your choices faster!

Getting In!

Preparing for these auditions is a lot of work. We are here to help you make the right choices and be the most effective with your time.

Paying For It!

How to get the best scholarships and sort through the financial aspect of college.

Here are some of the things our package can help you with…

  • School research
  • Talking to alumni to get the real scoop
  • Planning and coaching for your audition
  • Choosing the right repertoire
  • Polishing the material
  • Finding scholarships and help with financial aid
  • and much much more!

Our College Audition Program has been moved!
It’s even bigger now that we have joined with…